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Can onyone help?

Started by Briscy, 11/02/04 - 17:54:02

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Got a problem with the V. Took it on a run on saturday, lots of motorway so could explore the upper end of the speed limit.

I have a set of Oxford hot hands fitted which i used there and back, plus I run with the lights on.

When I got home i switched it off to open up the garage, went to get her in - would not start battery was as flat as a fart!

Optimate for 24hrs has brought the battery back up and the diagnostic suggests that it is holding its charge.

The switch for the hot hands is under the seat and i did not leave it on when the bike was switched off. It seems like the thing is either pulling more power than is being put in or it isnt charging?

Suggestions anyone?


Only thing I can suggest is to get a multi-meter on the battery and check the charge at tick-over. Then make sure that it's pumping around 12-13v at 3-4000rpm. Then put your lights on and see what difference it makes at tick-over and 3-4000rpm and do the same with lights and heated grips.
The only bit part I can think of that could cause this sort of problem is an intermitent rectifier problem as they seem to be a weak link in a few Honda models (VFR for one) especially when they get hot.
My VFR had a similar problem that took ages to figure out. I'd go for a ride, 40-50 miles, stop for a fag, get back on and DEAD! >:( Other times no problem.  :) The dealer cured it eventually by swopping bits from another VFR as they couldn't trace the problem with it being intermitent.
Best of luck.


Thanks redeye.

Its been into the spanner men, Regulater/Rectifyer failure.

That will be ?142.00 plus fitting please?

What a joke, not three years old, pampered to death, 11000 miles, Honda - if they made cars like this............................

Barry T

This is the first time I have heard of rectifier trouble on the Varadero.  If the bike was OK before you fitted the heated grip, the first thing must be to disconnect them!

Then check the charge output as 'redeye' suggests.

If everything is OK, refit the heated grips and put a volt metre on them to see what they are drawing.    You didn't shorten the wires going to the heated grips, did you?

If you do need a new rectifier, I suspect that there is a cheaper 'generic' solution, rather than buying Honda.


Thanks for the suggestion Barry, I will see how I do wiht the new regulator fitted. Cost me ?191 fitted.

I will be puttting it to Honda out of interest to see how they react.

I got the grips cheap at the NEC and no, I did not shorten the wires they are Oxford standard trim.

I suppose the message from this is beware fitting after market kit. Incidentally, I wondered if using the oximiser whilst the battery was still fitted to the bike would cause a problem but a blackbird owning freind who useses the same kit in the same situation does not have a problem.


I had exactly the same problem, I'd had wrapover heated grips fitted for 2 winters and found my battery dying.  Replaced battery but that died within 6 months, by following the test procedure in the Haynes manual I diagnosed a rectifier problem.

New rectifier cost me ?65.00 + ?45 for  another new battery.