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Author Topic: 2008 XL1000V Squeak coming from Clutch Cover  (Read 260 times)


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2008 XL1000V Squeak coming from Clutch Cover
« on: September 21, 2019, 04:42:02 PM »
Hi All

I am new  to the forum.  I am the second owner of a beauty of a bike, purchased with only 16,000km on it.  Originally purchased in Canada, I flew it to Frankfurt last summer for an extended tour of Europe.  My intent was to sell it after I had my 18,000km of fun, but I just can't bring myself to separate from the old bitch!!!!  I've put some SW-Motech side cases on, and it's just perfect for cruising the motorways.

Just one problem.....

There is this annoying squeak coming from the clutch cover.  It sounds like a combination of rubber squeaking on steel and meshing gear teeth.  It is engine RPM related.  It is there under engine load or no load.  It is there when the engine is cold and when it is warm.  It doesn't change pitch with higher engine RPM, it just matches engine rpm.  It has had this squeak ever since I've owned it (3 years now!!!!)  With age, I think it is getting louder.  Hard to say though, I have a pretty tough time remembering stuff like this.

I took it to Cheswick Honda last month, and the tech there said it was the 42 tooth main output gear connected to the crankshaft mating with the clutch basket.  He didn't take it apart to verify though.  He told me to just ignore it.  I've had it to a few places in Canada as well, and they told me that it's just running noise, nothing serious.

On my last trip from Canada, I brought a clutch cover gasket with me (only $8.00 CAD if I buy it there!!)  I am heading to Scotland for work next week and plan on doing some exploring inside that cover, as I am due for an oil change anyway.

Anyone out there have any experience with this and could point out some suspect components??

Looking at the exploded diagrams, I am suspicious of the anti-backlash gear on the primary drive gear that is set in place with those 3 springs.  Also, the water pump is driven off that gear as well, maybe that oil seal is the culprit????  Also, there is the spur gear that the crankshaft position sensor uses.  Maybe that is rubbing on something????

Any help would  be greatly appreciated.



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