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Author Topic: Varadero 125cc V-3 XL not rev'ing help needed  (Read 187 times)


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Varadero 125cc V-3 XL not rev'ing help needed
« on: April 19, 2019, 04:44:18 AM »
Hi all,
My first post here and its to ask for some help. Just got my girl back from been stolen, It appears to be in remarkably good condition apart from the snapped steering lock and hot wiring, however the bike starts (with a jumper - as not had a chance to charge it yet) and ticks over fine. No issues there.

The problem comes from when I apply throttle, The throttle works, can see the carb connector pulling to make it rev, however it just sits at the idle speed and does nothing.

It will be first time ive stripped a carb or anything major on the bike but determined to do it myself to learn. Looking for advice and what people think it could be ?

Does the Vara-125cc need battery power to cause it to rev is this something first to check ?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

Just want to get back on the girl and enjoy her again.



  • Tea Boy
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  • Varadero UK Rider
Re: Varadero 125cc V-3 XL not rev'ing help needed
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 04:32:21 PM »
Hey Russ,

I've not had my bike long so couldn't give you the ins and outs but I'm not bad with engines...

I've also got a V3, as it's carbureted it shouldn't need any battery power to rev... if it's running it's got ignition meaning you've got enough to make it rev or idle, sounds more like a bad carb tune or bad fuel...

has the fuel been sitting for a while or is the throttle particularly sticky?

may mean the carb is gummed up, may just need a clean or if you're really lucky some redex   :P


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