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In the market for a new sleeping bag for touring,just wondered what everybody else uses or recommends.Also as a side note,what do you guys use to hold your kit on with on the back seat area,or how do you pack it in general....yes I'm a rookie :-[. Thanks for any help.

S Barker:
I really depends on where you're going to be touring :

Scottish highland or south of France !

sleeping bag ?? most hotels supply bed linen  8) 

Hoping to do both really but I understand the sleeping bag requirements aren't the same.Just wondered if anyone had come up with a system for all events.Interested to know what peole use to tie it all on with also.

this is the best/neatest method if you dont have/use panniers. holds a multitude of things securely and dry. couple of hefty bungies usually is enough to hold it all in place

there are other makes of roll bag available at a lot more ????????????  same with the bungees only shop around at your local discount stores for a bargain


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