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Just wot I thought , excellent down to earth sensible advice,................. why cant life always be like this??  :beer:
I reckon that less is more and where i live in the Eden valley I am only 40 mins from sw scotland, borders,Northumberland,  Lakes and Yorks Dales so I have a great choice!
Looking forward to it............
Hubba Hubba
Cheers Guys

gosh the mackem:
check out the argos tents ,,,,,,,very cheap .but good brands.....
?20 for a 2 man(very wide 1.5m)2skin REGATTA tent ....sleeping bag sale also on.... :applause:
go online argos shop and see ....OR halfords sale on as well.

big al:
if you want to suss out wot you want and at an affordable  price, try the GO-CAMPING store at coatbridge, everything you'l need then some, only you can decied wot you'l need and wot you can actualy take on your trip, based on time spent away, ie: clothes, towels, wash bag, are you eating out or cookin for your self, weather, will it be bone dry for the duration of your trip and can you get clothes dried etc etc, if stayin in good old blighty, just take the car cause it'l prob p*ss down  :tickedoff:, good luck and enjoy your trip  :beer:

just realised i mentioned a rolled up tent as well as a 1 man tent what i meant to say was sleeping bag and not rolled up tent ...massive typo on my part ..

anyway back to the subject .the guys are right its worth looking at various places that sell camping gear to see whats available then decide what is best for you
i am only taking a one an tent because i only plan on sleeping in it so i dont worry about having extra room in fact there is enough room for me and my gear in there .

also if the weather happens to turn nasty i will be camping at places i know i can pitch a tent and that have facility for drying clothes /eating/drinking etc so im lucky in that respect i
but hey if i get wet ..i get wet and ill live with it ..

I've got a 3 man tent with an awning which is great for putting the gear in. Inside is a standard double 6 inch deep inflatable mattress (?20 ish argos) with a fitted sheet and quilt, no pillows as they are built in to the mattress. I had to buy an oversized waterproof bag from a caravan site to fit it all in but it works well.. just roll out the tent and plug in the pump to the bikes electrics and by the time you've got the poles up and top sheet on, the mattress is inflated and your ready to walk to the pub or whatever.. It looks like a large bag but if you consider there is a tent, mattress and quilt all in one it leaves the rest of your bike free for anything else you might want to take with you..
 Hope it helps,
Have fun,
Ride safe..


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