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--- Quote from: Harv on June 10, 2010, 04:39:07 PM ---I can just see it now, the flickering candle on the shining table....  ;)
You and Stanley sat cross legged eating your dates..... ::)
The smell of the burning hash drifting in from the Toureg camp..... :wacko:
Monnlight glinting on the peaks of the Atlas range.... :smitten1: :smitten1: :smitten1:

--- End quote ---

No not really. Back to reality.

The B&Q L.E.D. stick on light.  ::)

Us eating steak in Stanley?s ?Gordon Blue? Onion, Harissa, Vodka and Beer sauce?an acquired taste.  :o

The smell of burning corn beef hash drifting in from some toe rags camp.  ???

And some arse mooning on the atlas.  <yikes> <yikes>


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