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Hi Guys..... ;)  well at the age of 54 I'm thinking of going camping with the vara and not the, so any tips or pitfalls on equipment sites etc would be most welcome.
 Trying to sell the idea to my brother in law but he doesn't seem very keen, ay 6'5'' he would have to sleep with his feet outside i guess!!  <dance>
 Some lightweight tents that i'v seen are bloody expensive, and some on fleabay are bloody cheap, so any advice would be welcome
cheers all

bought a Coleman aviator2 tent last year based on pack size and weight. side door was great but soon after use i realised it was too small, no room to get changed.
bought a vango sigma300 this year, much more room makes the trip far better, slightly bigger pack size and weight but sure the varadero would not even notice that.

Following on from what Varavaravoom says, never buy a 2-berth tent  if there's two of you.   You'll need a 3-berth just to fit in with some comfort.   A 4-berth actually makes a lot more sense, and if you get one that you can sit upright in on a camping stool, even better.   Having to always sit on the ground isn't a lot of fun...

Unless you want really minimal tent size and weight, the bike can accommodate a quite large tent + all the equipment.   I find putting the tent fabric 'loose' in the top-box and carrying the poles on top of a pannier is the easy way to go.   But everyone works out what they need and how to carry it quite quickly! :D

Mark H:
For me, it depends on your intentions. Short camping trips close to home, you can get away with cheaper kit and less of it. You don't need to go to Azerbaijan on your first trip.

Start off with a cheap small tent (it may only have to last one trip after all) a half decent sleeping bag (the more money you spend the smaller they pack up) a very expensive self inflating ground mat (it'll last you forever)

Try and only go camping by motorcycle whilst it is warmish and dry 8-) Don't feel the need to go miles from home for the first few trips; you'll learn from them.

Above all, enjoy. The kit doesn't matter - often less is more - its the fact that you're out there doing it...

for me its about weight and size more than anything on a 125 for god sake it wont haul the earth behind me like a 1000cc bike will so i had to think about what i really needed to take ..

im away in a few weeks doing approx 800miles round trip and im taking only the following

a 1 man tent from halfords ..cost 20.00 small and light and easy to put up
a rolled up tent that will keep me warm even if it gets down below -10
knife fork spoon torch ,small army style cooking tin ,mug etc. ..all from my local 99p store

change of clothes etc

and that is pretty much it .apart from the tent and sleeping bag it all goes in a medium size holdall that i will bungee to the seat behind me ..

so you don't really need to take a lot .just go for the ride ..worry about all that other stuff


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