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Hello, just prior to putting the bike into storage last Yr I gave it a good run and noticed a struggle to climb inclines and a decrease in rpms and just down on power i felt it was running rich and idle was jumpy ,anyhow
While in the garage I decided to swop the air filter out and check the valves...I removed the hiflo filter and replaced with stock the valves were a bit tappy so adjusted forward I jumped on the bike about 8 weeks ago it's somehow gone into a 7000rpm bog no more than 50mph...what has changed? Revs and runs fine up to the high rpm..what has caused this change...I've swopped out coils ecu clean the carb several times still bogs..however last week I'd thought bout removing the air filter...and guess what bog goes....plugs are on the lean side....everything is stock im running out of ideas ...can anyone help me get this bog off my bike and air filter back in.please help and thanks


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