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White smoke coming out the exhaust everything I twist the throttle?


Hey all new here and new verado 125 owner it's a 2002 and has been running lovely. I suspect I put a little to much oil in it (can't see threw the window??) so completely drained it and filled it with 1.2litres of new oil.
I also replaced the filter. And now it blows out smelly white smoke and barely goes. Any idea what the problem could be??

that sounds like lack of compression due to ring blow by with oil then being in the chamber and burnt.

strip down it the only way to truly find out whats wrong and fix it.

too much oil is as bad as too little.

Did know a V-strom rider whole filled the oil to the oil filler cap, oil was pumped up the crack case breather pipes into the air box and filled the airbox with oil. could check that first.

oil then ended up in there combustion chamber and pour out white smoke from the exhaust.

too much oil can force gaskets to fail and then it's a strip down to change them.

The Prodded Dog:
Agree with the above. Check the colour of your spark plugs and contamination of the air filter and box.
If the plugs are black or the air filter is full of oily goo too much oil in the system.
Buy a manual and work through the cheap bits first.
The Prodded Dog


 White smoke indicates waterleak in the headgasket


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