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Vara XL1000 engine/frame bolts removal

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My Vara frame is preparing for powder coat. I disassembled all except those 2 long screws, who are holding engine to frame.... I sprayed 2 days in a row with ProLong rust penetrator, no result. Now im trying Wurth 5000 penetrator. But still no results. Tryed to knock out that bolt, hitting it from hex nut side, no results. In the same time im afraid to test my luck, im afraid that i can crack the engine... Can anyone please give me advice, hot to take them out. Thats the only issue i have for now whats stopping me :-[

S Barker:
Thats the Fiche Dwg from a Carby Vara

The engine mounting bolts on the Carby are stressed and add to the rigidity of the frame. It's not so much of an issue when removing them but when they are reinstalled they need to be torqued correctly.

If you hit them from the nut side on the end of the bolts they will swell and you'll never get them out. Always put a nut on the end of the bolt and make sure you hit that.

Try using a drift bar the same OD as the hex heads and give the bolts a few good whacks on the hex head end. Then try to rotate the bolts.

If that doesn't work your next bet is to heat them up and then try.

Make sure there is no fuel or WD40 lying around before applying heat to the bolts.

Of course i left nut on thread. I now the consequences if no nut is installed and banging begins :)

I bought Wurth HEX tead. It had really good and toght fit. I tried to move bolt. Ony bolts HEX head moves, rest of bolt is still. Im i fraid hat i will slip the bolts HEX dead, because with each try to move it, is slips more and more. In the end i wll twist it off.
As well i heated up those mounts with propane torch and head gun but no results..
I even invited 2 friends of mine, to garade. One was heating up mounts with torch. Other one was hitting bolts end with hammer. And i was trying to turn HEX. No results ;D
Ithink its stuck in left side of frame + engine. See picture

S Barker:
Perhaps it's time for drastic measures ! Do you have access to a welder ?

If so you could weld a bar to the centre of the bolt and use that to free it and get it to rotate.

Once the bolt was free you would then either have to cut off the bar and grind the bolt flush or cut the bolt in 2 places to remove the centre section.

you can then drive out the remains on the bolt

Yes, i have welder. I was thinking the same. To weld a steel bar/rod and use it as lever. That would be later the smallest struggle to grind off excess material.
But welding is last option.

My friend suggested, that i could split that rusty bar. And drill out those bolts from both sides. Make a center. Start with 3mm drill and go up and up. Leaving enough material to punch out remains of the bolts. Thoughts about hat?


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