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Vara XL1000, 1999. year, 69000 miles

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The case is as follows. The motorcycle can be started without any problems. But there is only one thing that leads me out of patience, because logical thinking is not lost. When I start a cold motorcycle, it has a some king of knock/klicking sound. I added video for you guys, to make investigation more easy (sound starts at 00:10 ) .When the engine is cold and engine is idle at 1250-1,500 rpm that sound appears for about 4 seconds and disapears. Then appears for about 3 sec and disapears. And when i start to drive that  sound is between 2k-2.5k rpm only(hot engine), no matter in wich gear. When the engine rpm is given quickly in neutral and the throttle is released, the rpm drops then sound appears, from 2.5k to 2k rpm and dissapears.
From my side i have changed engine oil when bough motorcycle. Previous owner said that he changed it, but i cahanged for new oil anyway.
I tend to think that either the engine chain(streched ?) and chain guides are saying bye bye, or valve gaps need to be adjusted.
Can you give me advice on how to look for a problem? Because there should be no such sound from the engine.
And I apologize in advance if there are spelling mistakes :)

S Barker:
A Lot of Varas make that noise and it's not normally a problem.

You haven't said what type/year the Vara is but from the video it looks like and early carb model and these had a known problem with the cam chain tensioners.

If you're not certain that have been changed do a search here and you will find more info.

Yes, its carb model. Here is my chasis nr JH2SD01A3XM009919. And acording to info from Latvia transport registration. Previous registration country- UK.
I think i will prepare for summer more early than expected. Will order both chains, tensioners, guides, gaskets... The priceis - lions chunk!
I made a lot or research about those parts change, its little bit more complicated job tham car engine dissasembly. Im saying that im car mechanic. Never had experience with motocycle engines.
Then i will ask question to you. Can i take out tensioners only, chain will not jump ower ? Because i saw videos where those tensioners ar common problem, those springs inside them breaks... Mabye i coud change tensioners only? Of course, before that inspect chain and chain guides.

S Barker:
I've never heard of any problems with the chains.

Changing the tensioners is not that hard, getting access is the biggest problem.

As i seen in youtube, i must take off fuel tank, filer box, seat of course, front cowl, radioators(if i remember correctly) and so on.

But my general question regarding to those tensioners!
If i will take them both off, timing will not change? I can take them off with no worries and set up new ones? Tehnically timing shouldnt change, correct?


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