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John J:
I'd be glad for advice from anyone who has changed their exhaust seals.

I'm changing my exhaust seals, Varadero 1000 2011, to the brass ones recommended here. I've also got a new copper seal to go in the rear cylinder port. I'm having trouble deciding whether there is a seal in there already? If it is a copper seal in there it doesn't want to move.

I've attached a picture of my rear exhaust port and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has done theirs and whether it looked the same

S Barker:
It's not easy to tell from the photo but the curved inner lip does look a bit like the deformed edge of the copper washer. I cant remember what the port looks like once the copper washer is removed so it's possible it's machined like that.

lightly scratching the surface with something sharp should reveal if its copper or alloy.

John J:
Thanks for the reply. It wasn't moving at all and if it was an old seal of some kind it was so thin that I could easily get the new copper ring in so it's done. Not a job I'd like to do regularly as my bike has a hugger and luggage so it meant wheel out and a real wrestle getting the pannier rails back in. Still, it should be done for life now with the new brass fitting.


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