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Small things I've learned touring so far

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Just my two pence on what I've noticed , 5 days in to a trip (currently in Slovakia).

Obviously be meticulous with bike prep before the trip.

Plan distances sensibly. It's not a Dakar. It's a holiday. If you're getting annoyed or frustrated on the road, just stop. Don't battle with the clock.

Be sensible and realistic when carrying spares. Levers, cable/tyre repair kits, a spare fork seal and rectifier should be more than adequate.

Be polite to everyone. Just smile. Say thank you and keep yourself to yourself unless someone is interested in talking to you.

Don't worry about planning every accommodation. Air B&B or just Google a campsite, is fine to get your head down.

Get up early, for coffee/ breakfast and packing g the bike. I have been on the autobahn at 06:45 and the days riding was done by 13:00.

Keep a check on basics on the bike every evening and a quick skim over in the morning. Just for peace of mind.

Finally, don't be surprised if touring solo, you don't have much conversation with people. We just don't speak that much of the other language.

Enjoy. Please add to the list.

S Barker:
Some very good advice.

Two golden rules I'd like to add :

Never, never, never try something new for the first time on a long tour (gloves, helmet, clothing GPS etc).

When you start touring you will always pack more than you need. Be realistic take less.

Great point. I did a test ride from Cornwall to London for the weekend, as loaded as I'd be for the trip.

I've found that I'm hot weather, pour cool water on yourself. Soak your t-shirt. It keeps you very comfortable on the motorways or in town.


Have decent breakdown cover and keep your phone charged.
Allow enough time to experience where you are. We always aim to arrive by 3 ish so we can shower and and change and explore the town while looking for somewhere to eat.

Yeah, agreed.    However, I opted to not get breakdown cover in the fact that most things that could have gone wrong or failed, I've replaced. Worst cones to it, I pay a local garage for the same price but I have tools , spares and a multimeter , to diagnose problems myself. The breakdown cover, to me is counter productive as it will be cheaper to sort in country . Just my thoughts .


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