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What tent do you have?


What tents do you you use?

I'm a bit of a tent hoarder.
Currently I have a Vango Spirit 200+ (now called Pulsar 200)

Cosy for 2 comfortable for 1. I can get all the riding gear and camping bits in the porch and keep it off the walls and out of the way to get in/out.

Pack size is very small and all my food, cooking + sleeping gear and clothes fitted in a 90lt bag with the tent.

I've recently bought a Vango Turini 200 (now Tour 200)

This tent is designed for the adventurer with carrying capability. Biker and cyclists are the intended market as it sold to you as having a 'Garage'. I call it a porch that is big enough to take 4 grown adults seated.

Great tent, spacious, well made. it's a 2 person, small etrance porch then into the bedroom. there's a door on the other side of the bedroom, but this side does not have the small porch.
There's a partition between the bedroom and main compartment that can be rolled back in the day.
The main compartment has a door either side to enable you to drive your bike in one side and out the other.
I'm 6ft and can just about stand up inside, just ducking my head allows me to get dressed.


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