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Rear brake pressurising

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Hi Saxal the front lever doesn't operate the back brake , the left front calliper operates the rear brake , if you hold the front wheel and keep pulling the calliper to the front ( it rocks on needle roller ) that puts the rear brake on through the middle piston on rear calliper , this releases on mine but if you use the back brake the outer pistons release but the middle one pushes out and stays solid thus locking on rear brake , i then have to open both bleed nipples push the piston back to free rear brake off ? 

Cheers for the reply Prodded Dog I will try that tomorrow , I'm thinking when using the rear brake it's not getting through to the front and so locking up the rear , I have bled and changed fluid two thousand miles ago , the sequence was followed from workshop manual , but I didn't have a pressure bleeder maybe that's the problem ?

Hi did you ever get to the bottom of this problem,mine is doing the exact same thing doing my nut in


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