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125 Open Forum / 2004 125
Last post by snowman212 - 08/05/23 - 12:15:59

My sons bike won't run without throttle and has what appears to be exhaust gasses coming out of a breather pipe next to the engine.

We went for a ride yesterday and was running fine, came of A roads and got on a duel carriage way and it cut out started back up straight away and then cut out again on slip road struggled to restart and managed to nurse it home.

Was after ideas of where to start to try and solve the problem.



125 Open Forum / Re: Instrument Cluster problem
Last post by Bikerbill - 27/04/23 - 16:38:14

Having weighed up the pro's and con's, that being £40 just to have the instrument cluster inspected to find any faults, i decided to buy a second hand unit which i could put on the bike. The theory being that if the fault remained the same, then the wiring would be the culprit and not the instrument cluster, leaving me with a spare instrument cluster. This in my mind is not a bad thing, as i intend to future proof the bike knowing that parts are getting harder to find. In my case the replacement instrument cluster works just fine, proving that the wiring checks i completed ( as described earlier ) were correct, indicating that the instrument cluster was at fault.

Photo above showing the replacement instrument cluster installed on the bike.

I purchased the replacement from a guy Dave on Ebay, he has lots of Varadero 125 parts in his Ebay shop, well worth looking him up
davdavibenc  he is spot on with the parts he sells, great comms with a 100% feedback a genuine guy.

Although electronics are not my thing, i am going to try and find the problem with my original instrument cluster (how hard can it be!!)

Well sometime has past but eventually found the time to inspect the instrument clusters pcb, here are a few photos.

Got to be honest, electronics are not my thing. However, if something has shorted out, i would expect to see some evidence of heat damage on the board. Nothing obvious on it as far as i can see, just an observation that one of the tracks seems to be different as shown below.

I am unsure if this is a fault or not, so no alternative but to send it off for repair.
General / Varadero SD01 side case holder...
Last post by Branko.R - 24/04/23 - 16:17:48
Hallo, i am searching to buy side case holders vor my Vara SD01. Cases are Original Honda. If someone have it or know someone who sell it, please contact me. Thanks in Advance and Regards from Stuttgart Germany. Branko

125 Open Forum / Re: Instrument Cluster problem
Last post by Bikerbill - 21/04/23 - 19:55:03
Further research shows the differences in the instrument Cluster plug wiring, as you see the Black and Blue wiring has been changed for the 2005 model.


The wiring on the bike was tested an proved to be okay. Based on my findings the Instrument Cluster has a fault and needs work, which is well out of my comfort zone. I have found a place locally who can check the pcb for around £40.

125 Open Forum / Re: Instrument Cluster problem
Last post by Bikerbill - 20/04/23 - 21:38:40
I have removed the instrument cluster from the bike to check out the wires in the plug. It's also good move to removed the screen, as i don't want it scratched while extracting the instrument cluster.

To remove the plug from the instrument cluster is a nail splitting job, trying the depress the little white tab on the side of the plug while gently prising it out, this plug was very tight.

As you can see from the above photo, the holes in the plug are very small, so none of my test probes would fit. I found some suitable wire and removed enough stands so it would fit in the holes, then tinned them with solder. There is access at the side of each hole where the metal of the terminal is exposed. This would make it easy to test, but the pins on the instrument cluster slide inside the terminal, if corrosion was inside the terminal it would not be identified using the external metal surface.

As you will see from the photo above back probing this plug would be very difficult, and i would not risk damaging the plug trying to do so.

Testing the wiring

The above photo represents the pinout of my Varadero 2005.

Using the Honda Varadero 125 workshop manual i have started the process of testing the wiring and the results are as follows.

I have already tested the fuse and the battery. All these tests are done on the harness not the instrument cluster.

(1) Measure the voltage between the Black / Brown terminal and the Green / Black terminal, this will show no voltage with the ignition off and battery voltage with the ignition on. Should this fail, there must be a break in the circuit (open circuit) or a poor connection, short circuit in the harness.
On my bike i was correct showing battery voltage with ignition on.

(2) Measure the voltage between the Black / Blue terminal and the Green / Black terminal, this will show no voltage with the ignition off and battery voltage with the ignition on. Should this fail, there must be a break in the circuit (open circuit) or a poor connection, short circuit in the harness.
On my bike i could not do this test at the time, my bike doesn't have a black blue terminal, i need to find out what that circuit is.

(3) Check the continuity between Green / Black terminal and Ground (i used the ignition barrel for ground).

So that is as far as i could go atm, i need to find more info on the black and blue terminal, any suggestions would be good.

Here is a photo of the instrument cluster going live with the ignition off, so i am pretty certain the instrument cluster works :)

125 Open Forum / Instrument Cluster problem
Last post by Bikerbill - 19/04/23 - 22:21:26
Hi to everyone  :)
I have a new issue on the Varadero 125, which on the face of it seems pretty rare, or at the least, not well documented on the forum.
As with all electrical issues, finding the cause is not straight forward and not very well supported in the Haynes or Factory manual.

My problem is the instrument cluster failing (or a wiring issue in the bikes wiring loom) it's difficult at this point to determine which it is.

This is how the issue started

(1) The instrument Cluster was working correctly but the Clock would not retain the current time after switching off the bike. This i suspected was the live wire hot at all times, which supplies permanent voltage to the clock to retain the current time. Not a great problem at the time just annoying, i pretty much decided that the fuse may have blown (fuse E in the fuse box) and an easy fix, which i was going to sort out over the weekend.

(2) Two days later i started the bike only to find the LCD screen was blank and the tacho was not working. Just to make things even more confusing when i turned the engine off, about 30 seconds later the Instrument Cluster decided to come back to life for a few seconds including the LCD screen. When i switched it back on again the screen was blank and the tacho was dead too. Needless to say when i switched the bike off again nothing happened.

I disconnected the battery for a couple of mins, to reset the instrument cluster, reattached the battery expecting the instrument cluster to reset but sadly it still is not working  :( although it did the turn on bit after the ignition was switched off.

Based on the fact the instrument cluster it's self worked when switched off, suggests to me that it is not broken, if it was, the LCD and the needles would not work at all.

Has anyone else had issues as described above?
Electrical / Vara 125 Injection no spark
Last post by mikeyt27 - 18/04/23 - 22:46:23
Hi all, I've currently got an issue with my 2010 vara. I had a short on the connector between the stator and regulator/rectifier, I have replaced both but I now have no spark. I'm wondering if the short could've caused a voltage spike and possibly blown some things down the line. I have checked all fuses and they are all good. where should I start from to diagnose?
125 Open Forum / Re: Choke wire attachment
Last post by PaleRider - 16/04/23 - 11:06:48

    Thanks for the pic, I copyed it.

I can see that the "knob" on the end of the chokewire is called the SE-valve but I`m still not shure of it`s function.

  I`m able to move the chokewire(s) ca.3/4" but it do not seem to have any effect, it still won`t start in chilly weather. Will try to lube the wire first now.
125 Open Forum / Re: Choke wire attachment
Last post by S Barker - 16/04/23 - 09:29:45

125 Open Forum / Choke wire attachment
Last post by PaleRider - 14/04/23 - 17:50:49

   Cleaned and jetted up my carbs on my 2001 Vara this winter and have ended up with a little problem.

After hooking up the choke-wires to the carbs I can`t see how to activate the choke. And right now I can`t see what I`m missing :o

The MC-season will be rather short here in Norway without a working choke