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TPS on '03 SD02 XL1000V

Started by Magic361, 07/06/23 - 22:29:30

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New here and first post. I have an SD02 Vara 1000 and recently she started losing power, sometimes a struggle to accelerate and sometimes full stall, when riding normally. Got a bit hairy trying to get across London in heavy traffic with a temperamental bike!

I thought it may be a blocked injector as I ran dry coming south from Scotland in October last year and hadn't ridden much since then.

Have had the injectors out and gave them a good blast with an Amazon gadget (really good for the money BTW). I also got a service code thingy and when I plugged this in I got 8 flashes on the FI light, suggesting a TPS problem.

I figure, as the bike is still in bits I may as well try to fix the TPS at the same time but don't fancy replacing the whole throttle body.

Does anyone have any info on replacing the TPS on its own? I have seen suggestions that it is the same as one of the Honda car sensors - any idea which one? If someone has done this, is it a straight swap or is there some fettling to be done?

Would welcome any advice or suggestions


S Barker

I've not heard of a "service code thingy" before. Can you let us have more details.

The MIL code (on the FI lamp) should flash when ever the ignition is tuned on if there is a fault stores in the ECU. 


The TPS is not listed as a separate item on the honda parts lists


and the OEM Honda manual does not talk about removing it !

If you can get to the plug it should be easy to check with a 5 Vdc Power supply a multimeter and a load resistor (10k ??)

Let us know how you get on.
I wonder what happen if I click on this - Ooops


I picked up one of the service short plugs from eBay. When plugged into the dealer plug under the seat it causes the FI light to flash according to the error codes. I count 8 flashes and repeated a few times just to make sure my count was right. According to the codes I. Haynes manual, same as you have shown, it points to TPS as fault area. I'll have go with multimeter tonight.

Thanks 👍


For info, this is the 'service code thingy' https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Switched-SCS-DLC-Service-Connector-For-Honda-Motorcycles-/223151670392?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p4429486.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0

Actually works really well and cost next to nothing. If it saves me time in diagnostics it will be well worth it.


Wasn't able to set up a 5v test circuit using my basic multimeter so just put the airbox back on and the fuel tank and tried a restart to see what would happen. Got turn-over from starter motor but not catching, or even coughing, and now I get 9 blnks, indicating an IAT problem 🥺

Going to have a beer and let it stew overnight. Will pull it apart again tomorrow and run the diagnostic checks.on all of the main sensors again.


Major update .... This could be a long post.

Went back to basics in trying to diagnose this problem. First things first, as she hadn't been properly serviced for a few years (no smutty remarks!) I wanted to start from a clean slate, so oil, filter, air filter and plugs duly ordered and installed.

I checked spark using old-school pull it and crank whilst holding to engine block. Spark ... Tick. Air seemed to be ok - cranking on the starter motor I could feel plenty of puffs coming from the air feeder hoses. No obvious blockage.

Fuel next. I could hear the fuel pump whine when I put key to start position. But I thought to pull the injectors and give them a clean. A useful tool from eBay for a couple of quid and I could see that they were opening as they should.

I read a lot about fuel pump failures in the 'dero and that they are not user serviceable. YouTube dispelled that myth and I pulled the pump apart for a clean. When I hooked up to a spare battery I could see pump running but what was coming out seemed suspicious - I tried the burn test and couldn't get it to burn on a paper towel. Water in the fuel!! Complete clean out and rebuilt the pump (saving a grand in the process).

Still couldn't get it to start. Water in fuel seemed like an associated problem but not the primary cause.

Went back to the diagnostic FI light flashes - still getting indicator of TPS problem.

Thought I would finally bite the bullet and replace throttle bodies but eBay came to the rescue again. £50 for a second hand complete unit.

Spent this afternoon pulling the tank and air box and was just about to swap the full throttle bodies assembly and then thought to just swap the TPS sensor instead. All of the manuals say this can't be replaced individually but I thought in for a penny ....

Took the TPS off the donor unit and swapped that into my unit.

Put airbox and tank back on and turned her over ..... A couple of coughs and she started and stayed running! Sounds better on tick over too, not as clunky.

YouTube and eBay have possibly saved me a couple of grand and I have learned a huge amount from just taking the fairing off and having a dig around.

Now just got to get all the plastic back on and get a test run under my belt.

I'll post some images of the TPS, just in case any mechanics can identify it. I'm sure it will be a standard unit that can probably be bought for a few quid, rather than the £1200 - £1400 that I was quoted for a brand new throttle body assembly!