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S Barker

2024-01-06, 15:48:05
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Triumph Explorer 1200 goes live

Started by Redeye, 24/10/11 - 11:32:31

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Think this is my next bike.

1200 triple
Shaft drive
Good looking


Keep her on the pipe
HOC 29080


Wasnt Copyright designed to stop this kind of thing!    It now needs to be 2k cheaper than the beemer so that Honda have to think seriously where to price the Crossdresser.

Still think you will end up with:

1. BMUU GS                         The Jason Statham of the bike world
2. Triumph Explorer             The David Cameron - never quite all there!
3. Honda Crosstourer          The Russell Grant in Spandex - nice try but not even close!

If life IS like a "box of chocolates" - then I got the one with all the bloody nuts in it!

S Barker

Copyright does not apply to designs.

Which is a good thing otherwise BMUU would still be using pushrod Valves !

Have to agree on the Jason Statham likeness though.  ::)
I wonder what happen if I click on this - Ooops

The Prodded Dog

Just seen the new Tiger Explorer in the flesh..... very tasty.
Offical launch tomorrow and test ride booked for next Tuesday.

The Prodded Dog
I can still do all the things I could when I was 21, but now it is with less teeth.


Quote from: xlrik on  25/10/11 - 11:50:33
The Jason Statham of the bike world

I had to look this one up, and reading the list of film credits I can see why, ie why I had to look him up.


QuoteI had to look this one up
....the scary thing about this remark is that you didnt have to look the other two up..... ::)
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path..... and leave a trail...!

.....and remember, "Light travels faster than the speed of sound, which is why some people appear bright until they speak"

The Prodded Dog

Spent an hour and a half in the saddle today and must say very impressed.
The bars are a bit flatter and not as wide as the GSA and you are just a bit forward of dead upright. This helps to stop all the weight being carried on the small of your back. General ergonomics are good and the pinched in tank allows your legs to sit in a natural straight line.
The engine is an absolute peach and has masses of grunt in every gear. The sort you can really feel in your arse. No need to drop down a gear as the motor will pick up from very low revs. Tried a roll on from 30 mph in 6th and it just stomped away.
At low speed the bike feels balanced and the engine braking is not as intrusive meaning light throttle maneuvering is no where near as lurching as with the Beemer.
The bike had only 400 miles on it and I was asked not to exceed 5 thou. Was short shifting at 4k and still flying. 5k in 6th is just over 80 mph. God knows what happens at the 10.5 k redline???
Brakes are powerful with excellent feel. didn't play with all the toys as was enjoying the ride too much.
I regret to say it makes the GSA feel like the tractor it is.
Will I be buying one??? Not yet but when the daughters wedding is paid for in May then there will be a serious piggy bank check. For a brand new bike and engine it is a spot on, grin factor 12.
Don't take my word go and test ride one, but take ?12k with you!!!!
The Prodded Dog.
I can still do all the things I could when I was 21, but now it is with less teeth.


Think I read somewhere it's been restricted to 140 or similar, certainly more appealing than the crosstourer having sat on one at NEC, but then of course you couldn't even sit on the tourer at the NEC! BIG fail for Honda on that one, will look at getting one once they start getting second hande, who wants to lose a grand in taxes :)