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S Barker

2024-01-06, 15:48:05
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Varadero leaning too far over on its side stand

Started by lmg, 21/08/11 - 14:16:14

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I have a 2006 ABS FI Varadero and ever since I got the bike (1 year ago) the bike has been leaning [in my opinion] too far over on its side stand.

Is this a normal "thing" for a Varadero?

Is there an easy way to make the bike stand further up?


S Barker

Too much preload on the rear shock and or longer front springs will cause the bike to sit higher and therefore lean over more on the side stand.
I wonder what happen if I click on this - Ooops

brother billy

I've got the same - 2006 XL1000 VA-6 - and it always looks and feels like it's leaning too far over on the side stand.  That being said it hasn't fallen over yet.  I thought about putting one of those magnetic plates on the bottom of the stand leg (the one's designed for use on soft ground) but as it hasn't actually gone tits up yet I haven't done it.

fizzy nick

I had the same problem so fitted a new rear shock and problem now gone.


Is there any sideways movement in it?  Mine was worn and i had to insert a spacer so that it would not lean so much.

black rider

my fi leans over a fair bit too . I see it as a good  thing keeps it steady if some clumsy  ape backs there fat arse up against it when parked in a sea of bikes at a gathering  it reduces the chance of it getting knocked over . I welded a 4 "x4 " of light gauge   plate  with the corners rounded  on to the stand of my Transalp cheap and easy to do  making sure it wont foul any thing when in place . some say disconnect the battery more the generator . I unbolt the side stand . better to do it before the bike falls over you can take a whizz in a lot of places you could not other wise just pull up in a campsite carrying the full load without giving it a second though .

the mighty beasty we are fortunate to own is indeed a very heavy girl with her tank full . so what I do to  mount  every time is this . unlock the steering  lock  straighten the bars  hold the left  hand grip    and the left passenger  grab rail  with my right hand  and pull it up straight  then with my middle hand I grab the right twist grip and front brake leaver and pull it to the rear a little and let the bike lean in to me a little and with a high leg swing to avoid the top case of panniers what ever are fitted   . I am on  then I retract the side stand  turn on the ignition switch and let the pump prime it pull the choke leaver  and push the start button and smile at how lucky I am to have such a fine piece of machinery  and that I am off for a good long ride , I only do long day ride's on it as its my good bike .