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BMUU Recalls 122,000 Bikes

Started by mrs minx, 18/05/10 - 17:02:33

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mrs minx

BMUU has announced a recall of 122,000 motorcycles worldwide due to the discovery of a leak in the braking system.

BMUU says it knows of no accidents linked to the motorcycle brake problem

The German vehicle manufacturer said a risk of leaks had been identified in the braking system of the K 1200 GT model.

However it said only one in a thousand riders had reported a problem and no accidents were known to have been related to the issue.

Affected motorbikes are mainly from the firm's Boxer range, which was in production from August 2006-May 2009.

A BMUU spokesman told Sky News: "We already had one technical service campaign three years ago, when we brought in new brake hoses for the respective bikes, but over time we realised that the outcome by using these new brake lines was not as good as we expected, so we developed a new solution."

The spokesman added that the problem was caused mainly by vibrations and that brake hoses could leak, causing the bike to lose brake fluid.

"Usually the rider will realise this because he sees the brake fluid on the bike, and will take it for a service," he said.

"It's only if the driver doesn't realise, and the brake fluid has completely gone, that the failure of the front brake might occur, but we are not aware of a single accident caused by these defective brake hoses."

BMUU said only about one in a thousands customers had reported the problem and added that concerned motorbike owners should wait to receive a letter inviting them to come to a service.

The group is the leading manufacturer of luxury cars in the world and also sold 87,306 motorcycles last year, according to its annual report.


I know that this is an old posting (before the clever people comment) but I think is relevant.
After riding my bmuu the brake servo packs up after about ten minutes.  The bike reverts to the backup system, which is almost no brakes at all.  In this mode the rear brake locks the wheel solid untill you stop, or more to the point - slide.
A new unit is ------wait for it

?1400 pounds plus labour. ( more than the bike is worth)

After reading the tossers site and doing a bit of research I decided to revert the bike back to standard brakes.
It meant making up two small brake pipes and changing the rear brake light switch.
Six hours later and about five kilos lighter (the bike that is) job done.

In a nutshell, same calipers, same master cylinders.
I now have a bike that I can ride with trust knowing that the brakes will work every time.

This is a very common problem on these bikes but bmuu will not accept liability.
I wonder what Honda would have done in this situation ?
My initials are GS, but I ride a Varadero.

Mark H

Glad you identified and resolved the issue before it went really horribly wrong. This happened to my friend in NZ and he nearly came to a very sticky end.
Team DNF is now just waiting for another arse kicking...