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BMUU K1200R Touring

Started by Redeye, 09/03/05 - 18:21:56

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Just received this press release photo from BMUU

Sarge Butt

Butt?, F*cking Butt?? It's F*cking Sarge to you!

Ralph W

Quote from: Del on  09/03/05 - 19:05:40
Ugly eh? ???

And a mish mash of styles, the large cast frame then a trellis sort of tacked on behind as an after thought.  ???
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Never let a motorcycle take you somewhere your brain didn't go five seconds earlier



Tourers need fairings....
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Quote from: Crash Test Dummy on  09/03/05 - 23:13:06
Quote from: Honeymonster on  09/03/05 - 22:16:53
Quote from: Del on  09/03/05 - 19:05:40
Ugly eh? ???

Fecking hideous more like? >:(

I take it you're not impressed?? >:(

Not in the slightest. It's an abortion on two wheels  :tickedoff:
Never let a motorcycle take you somewhere your brain didn't go five seconds earlier

Ralph W

But being BMUU they assume that they can get away with it, because their followers will buy anything with the badge on it. Some of the car manufacturers do the same thing, the Fiat Multipla comes to mind. If that were designed and built in this country under say the Rover/MG badge it would have been the laughing stock of the motoring press. But its Italian so it has flair and funky styling. ???
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all this, and the price tag is BLUDDY ELL !!!!!! how much!!!,
so who's the biggest idiot?, the computer that designed it ,the robot that made it?,or the marmaduke(read as richard cranium) with too much money who bought it.

Mark H

I quite like it. At least it is a bit different..

You don't have to tour at 130 mph and so don't always need a fairing. It doesn't always rain in some countries... perhaps their intended market..?

The motor reminds me of the 750 yam from years back that had the engine canted right forward.
Team DNF is now just waiting for another arse kicking...

Mac in Fife

 :uglystupid2: :uglystupid2: :uglystupid2: :uglystupid2:

I think BMUU are raiding the parts bin to see what they have, throw a lot of stuff on the floor and build it into a bike.
This bike is "different" in an awful looking way.  Apart from my Varadero I also own a R1150RT, which I personally think has a reasonable appearance and a smart fairing, so am not anti-BMUU.
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