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S Barker

2024-01-06, 15:48:05
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Autocom advice

Started by hazel w, 02/08/14 - 12:04:36

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hazel w

Good morning everyone ..

I am thinking of investing in an Autocom system for rider to pillion and bike to bike coms.
Has anyone got one ?
Do you like it?
Any niggles I should be aware of?
If you had to buy one again would you choose Autocom?

Thanks in advance for any replies.



I use a set by O-COM they are good as the ear pieces fit in behind your padding in helmet so not uncomfortable and the mic sits in mouth piece area of the helm  ( assuming you use full face ) .

They have a long radius and are very clear on phone calls etc .. music played via phone all blue tooth .



not as pricey as some but do pretty much the same job  :)
The Varabeast  !!!... not for the faint of heart ... :OP

Lifes an adventure , lets see where it takes us !?!

Tis great weather for ducks .... and Varadero`s

S Barker

I have an Autocom Active Plus system with 2 Helmet sets that I'm thinking about selling.

I switched to wireless when I swapped bikes. If you're happy with a wired system Autocom is one of the best.

Send me a PM if you're interested.

I wonder what happen if I click on this - Ooops

The Prodded Dog

Autocom is the best hardwired system out there but times have moved on. Using a bluetooth system such as Interphone or Scala gives you rider to pillion comms, Garmin Sat nav connectivity. Store your music on a Garmin and play it through you headsets. Phone etc etc all without connecting up to a hardwire feed. Might not seem a lot of difference but the thirteenth time you get off the bike and have your helmet pulled by a fixed lead you will start to swear a little.... even for a lady.
Plus with the bluetooth they are self powered so you send your partner into pay for petrol and you can still hear every word!!
You pays your money etc but Bluetooth sets are more flexible and in the long run cheaper than Autocom.
The Prodded Dog
I can still do all the things I could when I was 21, but now it is with less teeth.

Mr X

I got fed up with my Autocom, found the vox a bit temperamental & initiated many arguments with the mrs!
I got fed up with snagging wires & plugging/unplugging everytime I got on off the bike, the bluetooth sets have moved things on a bit.

I now like my biking nice and simple, without the technology.

hazel w

Thanks for the replys folks ...food for thought !