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Keep the faith


The Speeding Stag:
father who leads our lions, Capello be your name, our time has come,
let the trophy be won, in Africa as it was once at Wembley, give us this
day a Rooney goal, and forgive us our last performance, as we forgive
those that played that game for us, and lead us not into the airport,
...but deliver us from group c, for England is the kingdom, we want the
power and glory, forever and ever, amen!

I was using the local pay phone last night........

There were various numbers scrawled on the window.....

I rang the 3rd one, it rang out to a nearby brothel I asked 'madame' if they do 'kinky stuff'

"Sure do"  .... She replied..."whats your trick"

I say  "I want total and utter much will it cost"?

"?39.50p" she says....

"That's cheap" says I    " what do I get for that"

"an England replica shirt and a couple of flags for your car" says she......

All England games will now be moved to the Gay Adult Channel as the sight of 11 arseholes getting gemmered repeatedly for 90 mins is too explicit for normal tv


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