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Loose Bits in Engine


I have a 2006 model with around 6500 miles odo. I noticed a rattle from the engine, especially when cold, and assumed that it was a faulty cam chain tensioner. My previous 1999 model had a CCT problem but I was assured that problem had been resolved by Honda for later models. I took the bike back to my dealer, Lings of Harleston in Norfolk. Their mechanics listened to the noise and immediately recognised it to be a loose primary drive gear. Apparently this was a fault with the Firestorm engine early models. They ordered a replacement gear and a gasket and discovered that the bolt that holds the gear was not torqued properly, allowing the gear to rattle on the shaft. As the mechanic said, he could have simply tightened the bolt. I collected the bike today and it is as good as new again, sweet as a nut. She was a joy to ride again, after the bumble bee that they gave me, a CRF600. This work was done under warranty. Well done Lings.

Has anybody else had this problem?



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