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Anyone experienced shipping their bike to tour. Looking at shipping mine to morrocco. Riding the route i want then ride back to Britain. Part of me wants to ride the whole lot, but wondering if it'll be more sensible to ship/ride?

I've been touring in Europe every year since 2008 and I wouldn't dream of shipping my bike out. I ride it , that's the point. I'm going to Romania in September and am looking forward to the ride out and exploring places on the way as much as I'm looking forward to the Transfargarasan and the Transalpina, even with the ridiculous new Frog speed limits.

I fully agree. I'm spending the next 12 months, doung clutch, headstock and swingarm bearings. Do they need done.....probably not but I want to do them, I'll have a fuzzy feeling that they're done and it's my hobby.

The  shipping one way, was just a thought on it being financially , the same as riding down is all. I went to slovakia, from Cornwall and Morrocco is only an extra day really.

Hope the prep and trip for Romania goes well bud.

Thanks mate, we're well prepared, we've been doing it now long enough to know the stuff we don't need, but we bring it anyway as you never know. I went one year when my Vara was 3 or 4 years old without breakdown cover and the whole time I was away I was worried , what if? I received my new comfort seat from Top Sellerie during the week so hopefully it will help with the 2 weeks in the saddle. My only problem is we don't go until 31st August, I'm starting to get excited.

Saying goes, you can't buy piece of mind.

Comfort seat? Sounds good. I need to find someone to re-upholster mine, with better foam and a new cover. Mine is alright but coud do with a refresh.


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