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France 2018


Heading off in the morning on our annual European trip. It'll be the first time we've sailed out of Cork. It gets into Roscoff earlier in the morning than the Oscar Wilde out of Rosslare which means we can get a bit further down the road on Sunday. 2 days down the road to a wee town called Martel where we're booked into a villa with a pool for 3 nights then up the road for 2 days to get back home and back to work ( woopdy doo )  We've no routes planned for the days we're at the villa, guess we'll see what the locals think.  Five of us going this year,
1 Mighty Varadero
1 Africa twin
1 Crosstourer
1 Suzuki V Strom
1 Triumph ExloDer

black rider:
sounds like fun  8)  hope ye get good weather for the trip safe journey to ye all .


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