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one week today !

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A week today we ( mrs and i) are booked on the chanel tunnel heading out for a month touring france and italy ,hopefully the problems in france with industrial action and fuel rationing will be over.
anyone have any last min tips on things to check on my vara 55 plate 30k on the clock full service history and just been serviced inc new pads,rear tyre . Just fitted an mra touring screen ,what a difference this has made !

ive owned this bike 3 years with no problems.

Enjoy  :)

Wheel bearings? When were they last done? If you're two-up with luggage, the rear bearings are under the most pressure... if you can't get them done before you go, consider taking a spare set with you? Just in case...

No not jealous, not jealous at all.

Take a credit card, and just do basic regular checks while your out there. That should stop a small problem becoming a big one.

Enjoy  :)

Big Dave:
Personally I don't leave home without breakdown & recovery insurance,

Long story and 2 really exciting adventures later, worth every penny.
4 flights 1 train lots of Taxi's and hotel rooms later.

Looking back, I rather enjoyed it.

Most of all enjoy it.

S Barker:

Two very good rules for the first big trip abroad :

1. Put everything you're going to take with you in a big pile and then leave 1/2 of it behind. My first big trip abroad was with 3 other peeps. One was on a GSXR 1000 and his luggage was , 1 change of underwear and socks, 1 tee shirt, 1 pair of jeans, trainers, soap and razor. He was always the first one ready in the morning !

2. Don't add anything, change anything or try something new for the first time on a big trip abroad. If it doesn't work or you don't like it you're stuck with it and it can spoilt the entire trip.  Stick with what you know works.


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