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 In 2011 I bought a New Varadero from a Honda Dealer The Speedo was in MPH (Illegal in Ireland)They changed it for one in KPH. I have since discovered that it is a 2009 Bike. Was there any differences between 2009 and 2011 Bikes. Do I have any comeback with Honda. Also the front forks are coroded

If the forks are badly corroded, I would have thought the dealer would do something about it.
Did you buy the bike from an Irish dealer, did you get a discount on the Honda price?  What sort of comeback are you looking for?

Your "comeback" depends on lots of factors my friend.
How was the 'dero described to you either verbally or on paper?
Is it described as XL1000 VA/9?
I think if it was sold 'brand new', zero miles, straight from the factory, the dealer will have to sort you out. If however you have not read the description properly, you misunderstood what the salesman said, or it was sold as a per-owned/registered machine, I think you might need professional advice.
 I have had to contact Honda UK for a problem I was having with my dealer and if you are being messed around by a genuine registered Honda dealership and Honda agrees with your complaint, the head office comes down hard on their dealerships for messing customers around.
As you are in The Republic, I don't think Honda UK can help you, but all dealerships are accountable to their manufacturer, so you need to go up the chain.
Good luck.

could the bike have been sitting in the showroom as new for 2 years ? and you unwittingly purchased it thinking "ive bought a brand new dero in 2011" so its an '11 bike ? but as there is absolutely no difference in an 09 bike bar the color and price . did you pay 11 price or 09 price ? thats where id challenge them , as for the forks warranty should allow replace/repair foc ,  out of interest what color is it ?

 The Bike is Grey and Black I paid full 2011 price Tradeing a BMUU GS1200. As for Forks Honda say it is out of Warranty.


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