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Carb model stutters at 3-4,000 RPM.


As per the title. Bike has an annoying habit of being fine up to the 3,000 mark. Between 3-4,000 when gently rolling the throttle, you can hear and physically feel the stutter and hesitation. Give it the beans and she roars away. I've been either dropping down a gear or rolling the throttle on.

Can anyone with similar experience, share your thoughts and solutions please?



After a carb rebuild, valve clearance, new choke plungers and a service, the issue is still there when going through towns (30mph).
I've found applying a small amount of choke, smoothens everything out.
Runs perfect at motorway speed with choke closed.

The Prodded Dog:
If by using the choke things improve it would point to a mixture problem.
Have you tried detecting an air leak in the induction pipework.
Mine was caused by a loose fitting Scottoiler vacuum pickup. Other culprits on an old (sorry) Carbie Vara are the rubber carb mounts.
Sounds like you are lean on the pilot jets and spot on for the mains.

The Prodded Dog.

Having the same problem, didnt solve it yet.
Changed the Fuelpump though


  My first guess would be a vacuum-leak


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