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Mechanical / Re: 2008 Varadero intermittent...
Last post by S Barker - 10/07/24 - 13:06:51
Select "Entire Forum" and enter "Starting"  in the search box top right.

Lots of suggestions from the past.
Mechanical / 2008 Varadero intermittent no ...
Last post by NewfieVaradero - 10/07/24 - 12:33:44
Hi All, Weird issue going on with my 2008 Varadero 1000. Seem to be having no starts when engine is cold. Battery is brand new and reading 13.1 volts so no issue there. I do occasionally get the Hiss issue where I need to spin the starter to get the fuel pump to prime but lately even when the FI light goes out she'll just crank over and not fire up, if I spin long enough and open and close the throttle it'll attempt to start a few times and then fire up and fire up immediately every time then until cold again. Only 13,000km's on the beast. Anyone have any ideas where to look? Unfortunately the dealer here in Canada knows next to nothing about these bikes. Air filter is new, plugs are new so they shouldn't be causing the problem. Can't really trust the girl right now to go far since I'm afraid she won't fire up away from home. Thanks
Mechanical / Re: XL125 AND A LEAN 7000RPM B...
Last post by Sluggish - 04/07/24 - 16:13:41
Hi there. I realise that it's a long time ago now but did you ever resolve this issue. I seem to have something similar on my 2008 XL125. Would appreciate any pointers.
125 Open Forum / I don't wanna sell my little v...
Last post by Veckymoto - 04/07/24 - 01:44:30
As the title states.. If I sell my little vara im really gonna miss it. I passed my a2 license a while back, and bought a deauville 650 because my girlfriend really likes to backpack and were planning big trips! Anyways that means its time to say goodbye to my little 125 soon and boy does that hurt, ita just such a practical bike.. its reliable, cheap to maintain, low fuel consumption and easy for carving trafic. My only complaint is that its not great for the highway, and longer trips on high speed. Its almost to practical to sell, but sadly I can't hold on to 3 bikes. If I could id probably store it somewhere but I simply don't have the space for it, and it would be a waste to let it sit. Although id still use it for smaller rides. But all in all it just hurts to think about selling it, how did you guys cope with selling ur baby vara?
125 Open Forum / Re: Stator
Last post by atimofejev - 01/07/24 - 17:27:49
I had similar issue and it was defective stator, coils.

A/C reading on all 3 wires at @5000 should be over 40V
Measure resistance between all 3 wires. According to SM, it should be 0.1-0.5 ohm at room temperature.

There is no option to attach files here, but I can send you Charging system section or complete service manual in pdf it you need one.
125 Open Forum / Re: Rattly sound at low rpms
Last post by atimofejev - 01/07/24 - 17:10:56
On the right side of the engine, you have oil and water pump, but that shouldn't produce rattling and clutch, which might be.
It there any change in the sound with clutch pressed?

Most likely, you have something loose and rattling in exhaust pipes or silencer.
125 Open Forum / Re: Rattly sound at low rpms
Last post by S Barker - 30/06/24 - 22:43:22

Worn chain ?
125 Open Forum / Rattly sound at low rpms
Last post by Veckymoto - 30/06/24 - 18:35:51
Recently my varadero has been having a kind of ratly sound in low rpms (I think), most noticable when im decelerating at roundabouts for example. It comes from the right side of the engine, and kinds sounds like bolts being shook around in a metal container? Its a weird sound to say at the least, bikes still runs just fine. Any ideas?
125 Open Forum / Stator
Last post by Micro - 29/06/24 - 15:49:37
I'm not having a lot of luck at the minute ffs. My bike isn't charging and I bought a new r/r but it still won't charge, battery seems ok and holds the charge from a battery charger. I'm trying to check the stator but I'm not 100% on how to do it, tried utube but just getting more confused. I've disconnected the rectifier and checked the volts at A/C. reading on all 3 wires at idle are 3.5- 3.5-1.2. They all increase when revved @5000 revs but still only go up to about 10,000 on 2 connections and about 5 or 6ooo on the third. Is my stator buggered ???