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First ride this year

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Dwarf, Ginger and I went for a run today.
Met up at Bridge End for a run up the coast.
Mick brought a mate on a Yamaha R6. So it was mainly A roads as we didn't want to break him

Got up as far as Cushendall and I felt the need for some singletrack on the way to Cushendun and the start of Torr head.
Visability was not great. But mainly dry roads and nearly 10c in Jan is good enough for me.
But we stopped for pics halfway.

Through Torr Head and into Ballycastle.
Dwarf and the R6 rider headed for home.
Ginger and I went for a big fry  :-)
Then along the coast as far as Dunserverick for more pics.

A steady ride on B roads back to the big smoke took us through Clogh, Broughshane and Doagh.
Home in time to wash the bike before the rain.
Great run. around 140 miles. No rain, mainly dry roads and not to cold.


Really enjoyed the run john, pity I had to cut it short but had to get the newbie back home in one piece. Hopefully get a few more runs in this year on the motorised bike and on that thought how the f**k are you meant to register for VIM Wales, I feel like its some sort of crystal maze puzzle??
Maybe Gareth can send me some cheats so I can get in.


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