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N. Ireland. Sunday 1st April

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Anyone up for a run this Sunday 1st April.
Out for breakfast and more if weather holds.

My personal Plan would be to leave south Belfast around 9am
No firm plans as to direction yet.

Post up if interested.


Too far for me  :'(...i wish i could join you guys....i hope to enjoy it!! :)

Set of here this morning as Billy no mates. It was terrible none of you would have enjoyed it. The sun was in my eyes most of the way to Cafe Creme in Newcastle where i had the fat boy big fry.
Stopped at the harbour.

Had the place all to myself


Found a few we places between Annalong and Kilkeel. Sort of places you can only find while your on your own.

So took a few pics. As you can see typical April weather


Then on through Rostrevor and Warrenpoint. Was going to stop at narrow water for a pic but by the time my brain computed the need to brake I needed a parachute so thought I'd take it from the other side of Carlingford lough

From here on to Omeath for another pic looking back across to Warrenpoint



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