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Varaderobill leaving the fold


Hi there everyone.
I got the following message from Varaderobill at the weekend.
Bill did a lot of runs with us locally and to Uk mainland

Here is his message in full

Hi loudpedal its been a while since I've been on here so I'm not sure how to post any more it doesn't seem that user friendly so you can pass this on for me please.  Since 2003 I have had two Varaderos and you guys don't don't need me to tell you how good a bike they are. For anyone wondering about buying one here are my findings, mpg is not as bad as some would make out at an average of 10 miles to the litre, max speed a little over 126 mph in 6th gear and a bit over 130 mph in 5th, best all round tyres Metzler Tourance almost 6000 miles for a rear tyre. they are a tad heavy with a tendancy to stall but you soon catch on to this as you soon catch on to park it up in the direction you intend to be moving off. For me the only issue I ever had was the exhaust gaskets needed replaced a couple of times. So anyone thinking about buying one buy with confidence. Anyway I'm a pensioner now needed something lighter and easier to work with and Im on smaller budget so I got a little fz6 fazer with 8000 miles on the clock, it needs to be used in the lower gears a bit more than the vara but it goes very well and I am getting on well with it. So for now I'm saying goodbye and I will cancel my sponsorship but I would like to look in on the fourm from time to time.
Kind regards to all
Billy Marks

The Prodded Dog:
all the best Bill.
Keep on bikin'!!!!
The Prodded Dog


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