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 I keep a 2000 Varadero in the UK, registered to me, but kept at the dealers where it was purchase from. I use it for yearly touring in the UK and Europe. Until now I have not had trouble obtaining Green card Insurance. Recent rule changes dictate that I can no longer get insurance for the country that it is registered in i.e. UK. I am unable to get any help from insurance companies in the UK for short term insurance. Anyone know of an insurance  company who could help me?


Try here

This is an insurance co who have insured many riders traveling into strange parts of the world.
If they are unable to help there is not a lot of hope.

Or move to the UK.



--- Quote from: tbeattie on January 13, 2013, 12:28:20 AM ---Recent rule changes dictate that I can no longer get insurance for the country that it is registered in i.e. UK.

--- End quote ---

What rule change is that? Who said that? If its not for the country that it is registered in, I wonder where else it could be insured...

Actually, under EU regulations, you do not need to insure your bike in the country it is registered in. Per European Union, insurance companies from any of the member countries of the EU may offer vehicle insurance policies throughout the entire EU.

"The authorities should accept insurance cover from any insurance company:

    based in that country or with an office there
    without an office in that country but authorised to provide services there."

Still I can not imagine that you will not get insurance. There are many UK companies that insure global travellers and even vehicles that are NOT registered in the UK, just based on the VIN number. Recently, a German colleague of mine moved from Ireland to the UK and took is car with Irish registration with him. He got UK insurance on Irish number plates and drove around like that for 6 months, I think his insurer was Allianz.

A few years ago I inquired about insuring a car that I wanted to use for several months across Europe and sent emails to several national insurance associations. The Andorran bureau of insurers replied:

"Dear Sir,

Any car insurance company in Andorra is allowed to insure any foreign car.

Moreover, Andorra is not member of the European Union.

Yours faithfully,


If I was in your situation and wouldn't get insurance based on UK registration or VIN number, I would just drop the Andorrans an email and ask who can insure your bike, as I can imagine it will give you the coverage and green card you need.

Worst case scenario, drop an email to a few insurances across Europe if you don't find any UK insurer that wants to help you (which I doubt). By experience English will not be a problem in the Baltics and most parts of East Europe (and they may be cheaper, too).

Good luck!


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