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How much do people pay for insuring a MK2 Vara 1000 and who do they insure with?

As usual Carole Nash are having a laugh, with a recommended ('which we believe is competitive') renewal of ?358. 
OK they include foreign breakdown cover but I am getting quotes from Bike Insurer ranging from ?127 upwards.

Interested to know what other members have found.


?127 from Carole Nash for a Mk1 Vara.   But then I'm old.

I'm no spring chicken. 54 next (but you're only as old as the woman you feel. Doh! she's 54)

Recently paid ?175.00 Equity Red start (via Direct Choice) for my 55 Plate VA,  but that included 53.50 for legal and accessories (helmets leathers etc).

I'm pretty sure I could have got better if I shopped around, but I was in a rush to go away that weekend and noticed the old policy was due to expire


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