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S Barker:

--- Quote from: James on February 14, 2021, 12:35:07 PM ---Where is the Blinking plug for this! Please

--- End quote ---

There is a plug that I think can be used for a specialised Honda diagnostics connection but thats not what the MIL is.

It's the FI light on your dash. If it flashes when you first switch on the ignition it's a code telling you there is a fault.

If the FI light doesn't flash then the ECU has not detected a fault.

Ok thank you

At the moment it is off. Iím going to remove the
Air box and check the injectors.

At same point Iím going to make a code like
Air temperature because I will have to crank over the engine to see if they are working.

So itís very handy to know. At the moment I canít find it yet.

I will remove the battery and check itís not gone to
The back of it when I put the new battery in.


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