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Silver Fox:
Hi All

I guess you all pick travel insurance when you go abroad, or have an annual policy. I am in the latter camp, but I am not quite sure about my level of cover when riding a motorcycle.

Does anyone have a speciic policy that mentions cover for motorcyclists...and does it fulfill your other needs - 2 weeks in the Canaries etc..


Mark H:
Motorcycle? What is one of them. Blimey. Wouldn't see me dead on one of those things.. especially if I had an accident whilst abroad on one...

Don't forget your E111. A couple of years ago my Dad developed pneumonia whilst on his hols in Rhodes. Travel insurance or not, they wouldn't even load you into an ambulance with SIGHT of an E111.

Silver Fox:

I agree with the E111


Regular bike insurance with foreign cover will cover you for your road risks as normal.
Holiday insurance will cover you for theft/loss of personal possessions and medical treatment.
Plus the good ol' E111 for proof of eligibility.

Silver Fox:
Thanks guys

I suppose what I am after is clarification of whether your bog standard  travel insurance covers you for riding a motorcycle. That is if you fall off do you get all  the medical cover that you would get if you had a heart attack in the Costa del Sol swigging San Meguels.



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