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Has anybody come across the same problem as my friend.   We were on holiday in Italy in Julyof this year  and he had an accident for which the car driver admitted liability and four months down the line we are still no further forward as to whether the bike is repairable or it is just scrap.   Luckily we have the bike sitting with a Honda dealer at present.   The bike is insured with Honda insurance and should be repaired with Honda parts by a Honda dealer. but we have been given the run around at one point we were even sent an email stating that all issuies had benn resolved and that repairs would start on 10-11-04 but when we phoned the shop they stated that they had no contact and had instigated solicitors on their behalf to try and contact either the owner or insurance company to try and find out what was going on

Mark H:
I had a friend with a similar complaint. He got a solicitor to write to the third parties insurance company explaining that he had hired a replacement vehicle of similar specification in order to be able to continue doing his business. They intimated that they would be taking court procedings to sue for the cost of this IF the settlement wasn't immediately forthcoming.

Sorry Peter; can't help on this


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