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honda xl125 stator 2007

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HI new to forum bought 2007 vara xl125 had around 6 weeks with no issues without going into boring lecture in nut shell found out stator is stuffed and needs to be replaced it was on producing around 6v on each of the 3 phase wire direct from stator to regulator been told this should be 16v on tick over for the love of money cannot find one that any where has one in stock certainly no after market ones and the oem are 215 plus vat is there a cheaper alternative that will fit as what's weird the 2001 to 2006 are fairly priced but from 2007 up are heavily priced and not sure what the difference is between the two any help would be very appreciated as bike know is grounded as been not advised to use bike as it could damage regulator due to it over working to compensate the stator that's not producing enough voltage any help greatly appreciated

S Barker:

 It seems odd that all 3 stator windings are faulty.

I would do a bit more testing before splashing out on a new stator.

yes thanks for heads up think bike shop were looking at a nice earner ?? been told more likely to be voltage regulator or possible battery after talking to  another Honda Dealer how ever the batt and regulator  were new sep 2020 but regulator is not a honda regulator it was a Tour Max ?  Honda did say that electrics can sometimes go hay wire on hot days anyway ordered another regulator which should be with me in couple of days new stator from Honda main dealer ready for this 256 omg when a cbr1000 is only 66 ??? and new regulator 207 got a after market brand new one for xl125 2007 to 2013 so  will see what happens ?after regulator fitted and meter checks everything crossed ??

Thanks S.Barker for diagrams much appreciated

Hi any help would be great quick update I've done a diode test on the voltage regulator that's on bike which is a Tour max I've put meter to diode  setting connected red meter end to positive wire of regulator and located all three yellow phase wire with the neutral end of meter {no reading} which appears to be correct when i reverse meter leads round i get a reading of 5.3 on each phase wire but no bleep ? not sure if this is volts / the new regulator came today repeated same procedure i get 4.2 on all three phase wires this regulator is brand new aftermarket one and not fitted to bike as yet ?so I'm not sure if this is going to work or not as a percussion i have found a stator on but on the Varadero xl125 2007 electrical section it only shows a stator under German market so again confused as not understanding why not shown on other  mean there are only two sections for parts 1 Honda Varadero xl125 v7 which has no stator in electrical section and 2 Honda Varadero xl125 2007 German which does have a stator for Honda xl125 Varadero v 07 at 70 will fit new regulator Mon and see what happens if any one has any info i would be most grate full


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