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Vara xl1000 va5 developed a misfire


My vara has started to develop a misfire and while riding it feels like a slack chain and difficult to keep smooth.
Whe ticking over it will intermittently cough and cut out . I run on premium fuel.
I have ordered a new set if iridium plugs and a new air filter as I'm taking the tank off ,should I go the whole hog and replace coils and leads ?
The bike is well looked after and has 30k miles on it.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

The Prodded Dog:
Hit the search engine and type in "misfire".
Could be out of balance throttle bodies???
Try the simple and cheap things first.
The Prodded Dog

Hi guys further to my misfire,  took the tank off replaced the air filter checked and cleaned rear plug,which is when I spotted the rubber t joint into the pipe that joins the vacuum pipe I identified as coming from the Scott oiler had come out letting in air.
Cleaned and refitted , clipped the pipes and reassembled.
All back together and started up ran upto temp with no sign of the misfire.
I did read something about another person identified the Scott oiler as the cause of a similar problem.

The Prodded Dog:
There you go! Cheap and easy fix.
The Scott oiler air leak was me!
The Prodded Dog


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