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2002 SD02 VAaradero electrical issues


Hi folks,

I've got a 2002 in for repair, started as charging issue. Owner was riding out and bike died, he had it repaired (reg/rec and stator). week later the battery boiled and clocks went out.

New stator/reg/battery/2nd hand clocks), couple of days later bike dies same symptoms.

Bike is registered as a 53 plate, vin says its a 2002.

So far I have repaired the clocks, replaced the starter relay as it was dodgy, at some point the safety diodes had burnt out? and had been repaired by fitting a new one external to the fusebox.

At the moment I have been testing the charging side for large voltage spikes which would account for the clocks (bike is still fitted with his original bits which are working fine), but I need a wiring diagram for the 2002 as mine is for a 98 and there are a few differences lol.

It looks like someone has been into the main loom at one point so I'll have to check it out at some point too. I had a look on ebay for a 2nd hand one BUT, what some are selling as an 02 has wiring differences on the ECU.

So wee racap, anyone had issues like this, and has anyone a clear pdf copy of the 02 wiring diagram please


S Barker:
Let me know if these are what you're loking for and I'll find a way to get them to you in PDF format.

Thanks for them, had a look but..

that one has 2 connectors to the ecu, this one only has 1. Pulled the ecu and checked the model number, mbta ed m51c, which is right according to the fiche, this is the last of the carb versions so probably your diagrams are for the FI version?

On the wiring diagram I have (1998) it has the same single connector but only 14 wires compared to 20 on this bike.


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