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Honda 125 Varadero - has anyone fitted a complete Digital Speedo Dash ?.

Hi - I need to replace the complete Speedo Dssh on a 2006 125cc Model.  Have seem these digital units in the market ( mostly from China) and seen a few Youtube installation videos which havnt inspired !  So just asking if anyone has actually fitted? Many thanks  Ron

Hi ron
           Ive just replaced mine with a zaddox digital speedo, its abit of messing about cutting and fitting to the original bezel but they work fine the only problem i have at the minute is no temp gauge. I you need the wiring i can send it you via email.
My email is

Looks interesting, Anyone fitted a gear indicator? On my last project, it was a cub/pitbike type engine, and it was a piece of pis (just had to replace neutral indicator next to gearbox main drive chain cog), same story with the varadero 125?


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