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After changing my fork seals and replacing my front wheel my Speedometer no longer works. I have since removed the wheel again and checked the sensor but I cant see anything obvious wrong. I have googled the issue but all I get is a fix and the checks for the Mechanical type and mine is electronic. I have seen the YouTube video from the previous post but my sensor is on the wheel not the engine. The wire goes from the sensor on the wheel and under the tank. I am at a loss from there on. I am trying to avoid taking the Tank off as I use the bike for daily commute and I cant have the bike off the road for too long. Anyone know where the connection to the loom is? The wire does not go directly in to the Speedometer so I guess it joins the loom somewhere. The rev counter, clock etc. are all still working. Any common problems anyone knows of? Did I put my wheel back together wrong or was I just unlucky. I made sure the sensor was correctly fitted with the notch in the forks and the correct torque settings. I am new to motorcycling, bike maintenance and the terminology used so please treat me like a child.

Many thanks in advanced.


When you removed the wheel did you pull the wire by accident? There is a set of connections under the tank tucked in behind the headstock (is that the right word?) Be as well order a new air filter whilst your in there (best t o remove the airbox, to get clear access to wires). Some good youtube videos`s of tank removal. Theres a german lady does a good one. Be carefull you dont flip the fuel tap when your giggling everything around. And best your not on a full tank when you set out. Should the pick up inside the speedo housing require grease?

heres a pick


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