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Is it me or are MCN insurance t**ts. Passed my mod 2, so now have a full bike license. Also full car licence for the last 25 years. Went on the phone to mcn this morning to inform them and they charge me the admin fee's. but they also increased the premium by ?20 for a bloody 125cc vara. So to insure a baby vara with a full license costs me ?180. no convictions, 2 years no claims. I checked out the cost of a 600cc fazer and that was quoted at ?90. It just doesn't make sense. Dropping them like a hot rock when the renewal comes around.

Dam it. Not MCN its MCE
Come on we can all be knobs

Ah insurance companies they get to ream you at will  :o

All you can do is wait until renewal and call around. I suppose you could cancel now and call around but that normally leaves you worse off.

It might be worth doing some advance training with either Rospa or iam then you would get a discount especially at the start of your big bike riding

Sorry not much help but you are not alone  :)

I wonder if it has anything to do with the ridiculous price of Honda spares? The estimate to put my big Vara back to pre slow speed spill is ?3,100.


I got a quote from MCE via a comparison site which came in at ?120 for my 2012 1000 VAB. I was happy with that, but I had to phone them because I have a Honda Lead SCV100 on my policy as well and wanted to add it, which you cannot do online. I was told then that the cost of the policy with the Lethal Lead on board would be ?260. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I hung up sharpish and stuck with Open and Direct.  :-\


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