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BRILLIANT place to get everything you need on Tight Budgets OR Plenty Money

Started by S0ldier, 20/04/24 - 11:36:21

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I thought I'd share my source of excellent quality 2nd hand (also allot of brand new stuff on there) gear for rock bottom prices. I know there is markets on Facebook (Im not a fan of FB and only use when i need to) but using this service is allot safer, sellers dont get money until package(s) is received and as advertised.........

Vinted ! 8)

At first was actually a relative who uses it, and is a bit of a hobby for her, she sells and buys stuff on it quite often and by chance searched for bike jackets. Vinted sort out the shipping & costs adding it to price, and the money is in escrow until end user receives package. Also every user has and are obsessed with their feedback, so seldom would you ever receive something not as advertised as this would jepordise a users 100% perfect feedback

I never imagined using it until I realized how good it is for Biking gear. After splashing out on ,my current Vara i had no gear at all, my last Jacket and trousers had to be cut off by paramedics when 1st Vara was a write off.

Vinted have higher priced mint condition high end stuff or lower priced used/budget end gear

Got a quick first jacket for £9 !! was excellent quality, the Velcro had been used to point it didn't stick too great but the armor, heat insulation, zips and pockets were of the highest quality. Cannot complain atall for £9 !

Excellent very used but still high quality Temporary Jacket - £9

Excellent latest jacket - £40

Boots came yesterday, Fit brilliant - £39

Waterproof armoured trousers - £40

You dont have to sign up OR download the app to browse what people are selling. The good thing compared to facebook or gumtree is people arer obsessed with keeping their feedback 100% so wont send anything other than as described

More Importantly, when you pay, the seller doesnt get the money until you mark it as recieved. Otherwise if it doesnt show the money comes out of escrow and back into your vinted account, which u can cash out no problem.

I have only used it for biking gear but you can get absolutely anything clothing related and also sell any unwanted stuff quite easily. I sold a bunch of old t-shirts and hoodies for on average £2-£5 a piece. I saved the money in my vinted balance which allowed me to buy the boots. ;D

Im not exactly the easiest to cater for when it comes to sizes  ::) , but still got size 11.5 boots and XXL/XL size jacket (inc large waist trousers) very easily.

Just thought id share this with you. Theres allot of brand new RST etc jackets for sale for way cheaper than retail prices also.

I was a bit dubious  ??? using the likes of vinted but as i say, you don't need to join or even have app to browse, just check out their site and you can filter search results to what sizes you need - you can sell all your old clothes to save up for stuff u wanna buy on vinted or elsewhwere.

Hope this helps, it certainly did me, Enjoy  8)
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