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125 Open Forum / Re: First gen carburetor cock ...
Last post by Lemonwizard - 18/03/24 - 19:05:26
Based on some sherlock holming I have concluded that the longer spring with tighter windings (which is a bit floppier than the shorter one) PROBABLY (hopefully) goes into the front carb.

Also, not quite on-topic anymore, but I've made this collage to help me figure out where all these darn hoses go. Hopefully it'll be of use to someone else.
125 Open Forum / Re: First gen carburetor cock ...
Last post by S Barker - 06/03/24 - 20:37:36

They are listed with different part No's but I cant find and details and the manual says nothing about locations for them.

125 Open Forum / First gen carburetor cock up
Last post by Lemonwizard - 06/03/24 - 18:31:00

the first gen 125 I recently bought had stood for about 3 years in someone's garage, and the carbs were completely gunked up. Really nasty. Completely stuck as well, throttle wouldn't budge even a bit.

So I removed them both and gave them a really good bath. Unfortunately I ended up mixing up the parts. Not the biggest issue because I took about a million pictures beforehand... except for the springs of which I did not take pictures and only found out afterwards that they are different. Found information about the different needle sizes in the workshop manuals, but not about the springs.

Which spring goes into which carburetor?
What have you fitted? / HEED Crash Bars for XL125V
Last post by TdashJ - 02/03/24 - 23:55:54
Just a heads up for anyone buying HEED crash bars for their XL125V
I have a 2010 XL125V, and the bars are made to fit bikes from '01 - '12, which obviously crosses the two generations. The instructions that they send are based on fitting for the '01 - '06 model, and while they do fit the '07 onwards, the instructions don't make it clear how.

You have to move the tank to fit the upper mounting brackets. This is easier than I expected to be fair, there's just bolt holding it on (where the tanks meets the seat), then it slides back and lifts off. The earth/ground cable is on the left side of the bike, so you'll need the included M6 x 40mm bolt and spacer for the left bracket.

Also, the brackets need to be angled in order to attach the bars, which is not what the photos in the instructions show. You're probably better off swapping the engine bolt first, then putting the crash bars in place and pivoting the bars to the correct position to see what angle the mounting brackets need to be.
125 Open Forum / Re: Max carrying capacity?
Last post by atimofejev - 11/01/24 - 16:15:54
Engine oil After draining 1.2 l (1.3 US qt, 1.1 Imp qt)
After draining and oil filter change 1.3 l (1.4 US qt, 1.1 Imp qt)
After disassembly 1.5 l (1.6 US qt, 1.3 Imp qt)
Fuel tank 17.0 l (4.49 US gal, 3.74 Imp gal)
Cooling system capacity 1.01 l (1.07 US qt, 0.89 Imp qt)
Passenger capacity Operator and one passenger
Maximum weight capacity 180 kg (396 Ib)
125 Open Forum / Max carrying capacity?
Last post by Veckymoto - 10/01/24 - 15:57:29
Does anyone have a number when it comes to the max carrying capacity this bike can handle?
125 Open Forum / Rear pannier for varadero 125 ...
Last post by Veckymoto - 10/01/24 - 14:31:20
I was wondering wether the new GIVI PL202 fits on the old model, I can only find one 'official' bracket system for my bike and its 300 euros.. a bit much for just the brackets if you ask me. Any ideas?
General / Re: VARADERO 1000 CARB STUTTER...
Last post by bikeman - 26/12/23 - 16:05:41
could it be the sidestand switch vibrating
125 Open Forum / Re: 2012 Varadero Owners Manua...
Last post by atimofejev - 28/11/23 - 16:26:29
Excellent quality of the PDF file, not a scanned to PDF blurry images, thank you.
Do you have Varadero 125 Owners Manual for pre-facelift, carburated model
125 Open Forum / Re: F1 warning light
Last post by MPM1968 - 15/11/23 - 13:15:16
many thanks and yes it 2007 xl125 ill see how i get on big thanks for info